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Custom .ael Examples

EKH has several functions in ael that complete the ADS functionallity. ADS does have a huge feature set to do some postprocessing or data manipulation directly in the schematic (at simulation time) or in the Data Display.
But this big number of functions makes it difficult to know each function and it’s exact usage. So often one has to look in the help or even on the eesof Knowledge Center.

In order to simplify usage one can implement functionality that is more often used in own ael code.

EKH can provide special .ael code:
h6. Examples:

  • *DDR2/3/4 memory evaluation: *Setup/Hold time evaluation, drawing AC/DC based eye opening in the Data Display, Multi eye window for overlay of all bits in one byte lanes
  • Transfer from Cadence Allegro: Generate a coupled line schematic (based on multi layer transmissionline library elements) in ADS out of a Cadence Layout
  • Correlaton with measurement: In order to get an overlay of simulated and measured traces one need to delay a time domain trace. The function “delayTrace” can be downloaded below.



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