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M1 Oscilloscope Tools

M1 Oscilloscope Tools Screenshot

Data evaluation especially for measurement data is very important. But haveing a scope is not enough.
You need quite some tools to evaluate the measured data.

From your scope vendor you can buy seperate packages for e. g.:

  • PCIexpress
  • USB
  • DDR2/DDR3
  • SATA

These tools are fixed to your scope and can only be used on your scope. If you want to evaluate your measured data in detail offline a different solution is required. If you own just a “small” scope some important features might be even missing.

M1 OT from ASA is a tool that allows to do offline data evaluation for different interfaces and fit to all Scopes. So if you are missing any features on your scope, or it seems to expensive to buy all the different packages that are requied you should take a look here!

And there is even one good free version: The M1 Waveform viewer!

This one allows e. g. to read in traces from your Scope or your simulator and evaluate some parameters. So you can get a first look to your waveform and check your system behavior.

Here you can download the free Viewer!


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