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Your Benefit in General

You have implemented many designs and have solid experience in hardware development. So what could EyeKnowHow contribute to your work?

Each design is a new challenge for instance because of higher speeds or different topologies to implement. Moving forward from a DDR3 to a DDR4 or DDR5 memory interface will result in many different requirements on signaling.

Following a design guide is good… but not always possible. Sometimes it is difficult to judge where you can deviate from a design guide without generating functional issues in your design. Other times, you have to violate the design guide to be able to implement the design at all. In this case, you might want to gain back the lost margin in other areas of your design. And of course, if you have still enough margin you can reduce cost/power or improve performance of your system when not following the design guide.

Is it too late and there are already problems on your design? Some special skills are needed! A combined skill set of deep understanding of analog signaling, simulation, measurement, device specification, bus topologies is required to perform a solid failure analysis. Quite often, these skills are distributed over several people making it difficult to bring all KnowHow together.

The skill set provided by EyeKnowHow especially on memory bus implementation supports you in getting your job done. Regardless if pre-design simulation with timing budget calculations are needed, post layout analysis with correlation measurements are necessary, or failure analysis are required.

All of this you get from one source: EyeKnowHow


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