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Hermann Ruckerbauer selected as Agilent ACE

EKH is proud that Hermann Ruckerbauer was nominated and selected for Agilents ACE program. Agilent selects highly skilled users of their electromagnetic simulation software ADS (Advanced Design System) for this program. Hermann Ruckerbauer started using ADS for DRAM Interface and High Speed Serial Link simulations 15 Years ago and developed a very high level of expertise on the specifications of these links and the usage of ADS for such applications. Beside Signal Integrity ADS allows simulating Power Integrity and delivers highly accurate results for simulations in the frequency as well in the time domain.
In February 2014 he was selected as featured Certified Expert. More information can be found here
EyeKnowHow serves as consultant in the area of Signal and Power Integrity. This allows easy access to the tool, the KnowHow and the high level of expertise for all customers. Beside the knowledge on the Tool, the background about Signal and Power Integrity EKH delivers also a very high level of expertise in measurements with high end equipment.

15 Years Experience in High Speed Measurement

  • Realtime Scopes
  • Sampling Scopes for TDR/TDT (and normal time domain) measurements
  • VNA measurements
  • BERT pattern generation and test implementation
  • Bench test equipment for memory test
  • Programming of automated test routines in HPVEE and Labview

10 Years Experience in High Speed Signaling Simulations

  • Know-how in many different simulation and modeling tools with focus on Agilent ADS
  • Proven correlation between simulation and measurement by test board designs and real world applications
  • Development of new memory interface standards up to DDR4 within JEDEC
  • Agilent ACE Sculpture
  • ACE Certificate



Hermann Ruckerbauer

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