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DRAM Interposer for Compliance Testing

DRAM Interposer Concept

Besides the DRAM memory compliance measurements we are happy to provide our own solutions for connecting the signals for this measurement.
As the DRAM specification defines the signal compliance at the ball of the DRAM package it is required to add an interposer below the DRAM to connect the scope probes directly at the ball of the DRAM package. With several innovative implementation ideas EyeKnowHow developed an interposer that allows usage in nearly all board configurations and layouts. This interposer is available for DDR2, DDR3, (LP)DDR4 and DDR5 devices. An interposer for LPDDR5 will soon be available. All configurations (x4, x8 and x16) as well as stacked devices are covered by the available product family.
“In-Scope” simulation is a workaround to do compliance testing even if the signal cannot be measured at the ball but this solution is expensive and not easy to use. Additionally, our interposers allow compliance testing if there is no test point available because all signals are routed in the inner layers!
In order to configure the DRAM interface on embedded boards correctly and verify the margins a compliance test should be done for each new design. This helps to avoid the situation that a change of the DRAM supplier will cause the system to fail!


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