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Carrier Board Characterization

ComExpress Carrier Carrier Board characterization module

Beside the signal integrity measurements we are happy to provide a solution to characterize ComExpress carrier board designs. In order to enable this service we developed a ComExpress characterization board together with our partner congatec. This board allows connecting all high speed lanes on a ComExpress baseboard to SMA connectors. In combination with the standard compliance boards like the PCIe Compliance Load Board (CLB) this allows to do a full characterization of the carrier board e. g. by a TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) in the time domain or by a VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) in the frequency domain. For highest performance the signal launch on the board was simulated and optimized with ADS Momentum up to 20 GHz. With simulation and measurement it is possible to completely de-embed the characterization board in order to really measure the carrier board only as DUT.

  • 3D view of simulated characterization board


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