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Movies & Tutorials

A video often shows more than words or still images can describe. For that purpose we’ve created this section to showcase some of our videos to you.

Cache miss and a long access to DRAM memory subsystem

This video shows the data transfer from the DRAM memory subsystem on a DIMM to the controller.

DRAM setup and hold tutorial

This is a short movie describing DDR3 data input timings:

An eye Is born

This video shows how a data eye is generated out of a simulated or measured trace (what is basically a curve voltage over time). All unit intervalls (one bit length e. g. 125 ps for PCIe Gen3) are superimposed. Due to imperfection in the transfer of the signal from transmitting device over a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to the receiver the signal gets distorted e. g. by reflections, crosstalk or InterSymbolInterference (ISI).


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