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Movies & Tutorials

A video often shows more than words or still images can describe. For that purpose we’ve created this section to showcase some of our videos to you.

Cache Miss and a long access to DRAM Memory subsystem

This video shows the Datatransfer from the DRAM Memory subsystem on a DIMM to the Controller.

DRAM Setup and Hold Tutorial

This is a short movie describing DDR3 Data Input Timings.

An Eye Is Born

This video shows how a DataEye is generated out of a simulated or measured trace (what is basically a curve Voltage over Time). All Unit intervalls (One BitLength e. g. 125ps for PCIe Gen3) are overlayed. Due to imperfection in the transfer of the signal from transmitting device over a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to the receiver the signal gets distorted e. g. by reflections, Crosstalk or InterSymbolInterference (ISI).


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