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2.5D EM Modeling

Schematic based simulations are very flexible and accurate in ADS. With the corresponding KnowHow the critical nets can be found and rebuilt with a schematic. However, sometimes this is not enough. In this case a 2.5D extraction of the critical circuit provides the required accuracy.

Below is an example for a 3-coupled line extraction from a Registered DIMM. The simulation based on this extracted S-parameter set contains the effect of non-ideal referencing as well as the layout accurate X-talk information. On the first picture the whole topology is shown, on the second there is a zoom-in to see more detail.

The third example is a 9-coupled line model where DQ and CA signals on different layers are simulated together to evaluate layout accurate layer to layer X-talk.

The last example shows a large package substrate. A 345-port S-parameter file was extracted which includes all signal and power/ground ports. For simulation purposes this huge model was reduced to the ports of interest!

  • 2.5D modeling - registered DIMM CA bus
  • 2.5D modeling - detailed view of R-DIMM CA bus
  • 2.5D modeling
  • 2.5D modeling - complete logic package


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