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Data Evaluation

Having the KnowHow in simulation is one side of the medal. The other is at least as important: to post process, evaluate and judge the data delivered by the simulation! The ADS DataDisplay tools allow very flexible data manipulation: creating data eyes, measuring setup and hold times or using mathematical functions. For instance, it is possible to calculate energy areas under a curve along with many other features. In some cases, automatic routines are not built-in. In these cases one can easily implement them by writing AEL code.

However, even with this tools and KnowHow the answer will never be black or white. There is always the engineering “EyeKnowHow” required to make the judgement on the final data!

  • Data evaluation - AC/DC based eye opening
  • Data  evaluation - data evaluation template
  • Data  evaluation - write timing budget calculation
  • Data  evaluation - read timing budget calculation


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